Services Provided

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Are you troubled by distressing emotions such as sadness or loss of hope, challenging behaviors in yourself or someone close to you, disturbing thoughts, difficult situations, or strained relationships?  We can help.  We offer individual, couple, and family psychotherapy (often referred to as counseling) to people of all ages. Our therapists are compassionate and skilled professionals who offer a confidential and safe place for you to heal and grow.  Call one of our offices today to schedule your first appointment.

Medication Management

Sometimes counseling or psychotherapy is not sufficient to treat major mental illnesses.  Prescription medication treatment may help to manage some of your distressing symptoms.   Our skilled medical professionals are here to help you function at your best, and sometimes that may include carefully prescribed medication.  Call one of our offices today to schedule an evaluation to see if medication might be appropriate for you.

CBRS (Formerly PSR)

Community based rehabilitative services (CBRS) are available to children and teens with serious emotional disturbance and to adults with one or more severe and persistent mental illness.  The goal of CBRS is to aid participants in work, school, family, community, or other areas that are affected by mental illness.  If you qualify, CBRS can help you learn to function better in your day-to-day activities.  CBRS can help you restore or learn skills to make you more successful in independent living, interactions with others, and in reaching your goals.   Call one of our offices today for more information. 

Case Management

Case Management can help you gain access to and manage necessary care and services to keep you physically and mentally healthy.  A case management coordinator links you to health and other services and providers in the community, advocates for you, and monitors the services you receive to ensure that you have the supports you need to live your best life.  Call one of our offices today to see if you might qualify for case management. 

Chemical Dependency

Are you struggling with the misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs?  We can help!  We offer individual substance use/abuse treatment and counseling to ensure your health, safety and recovery from chemical dependency or addiction and co-occurring issues such as bipolar disorder or depression.  Call one of our offices today to schedule a confidential assessment.

Trauma and Domestic Violence Therapy

Are you a survivor of trauma, including domestic violence, or sexual assault?  We can help.   Our compassionate therapists create a safe, respectful, and accepting atmosphere in which you can heal and grow beyond the pain.  Please call one of our offices during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to schedule your first visit.  If you are currently in imminent danger, call 9-1-1.

Domestic Violence Evaluation

We offer domestic violence evaluations for Region 3 in Idaho.  If you have been ordered to obtain a domestic violence evaluation, one of our skilled therapists, who is an approved domestic violence professional appointed by the Supreme Court of Idaho, can provide you with this service.  Call one of our offices today to schedule an evaluation.

Professional Trainings, Presentations, and Community Workshops

Is your business, educational institute, parent group, or community organization looking for a dynamic, skilled and entertaining speaker?  Our licensed therapists can create and present a training or series of trainings on a wide variety of mental and behavioral health topics.  We offer reasonable rates and limited pro bono services for certain non-profit and educational institutes.  CEU hours available.  Call our Emmett office at (208) 365-5445 and ask to speak with our community liaison for more information.

Peer Support

Peer Support services is an activity which assists adult individuals with Medicaid with providing a supportive, non-clinical service with a Peer Support Specialist (PPS). PPS are trained and certified employees who have significantly recovered from their own mental health illness(es). The goal of PS services is to aid clients to establish a professional relationship with the PPS by sharing their experiences (skills, supports, and resources) in beneficial and encouraging manner to inspire client's hope and facilitate their recovery. If determined eligible, a treatment plan will be developed.

Non-Discrimination Policy

ECPS provides services to clients without regards to race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender (including pregnancy), gender identity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition or history, claims experience, inability to pay, source or payment (including Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP), evidence of insurability (including conditions arising out of act of domestic violence), veteran status or genetic information.